Securities Trading

We can be stubborn, persistent and unimpeachable… as long as we are achieving the best possible solution

Trust in our team of competent traders with long-term stock exchange and capital market experience. We provide professional support in executing your orders worldwide.

A large number of stock trades performed by us are carried out OTC (over the counter), and are thus placed in due consideration of the effect on the market.

Benefit from our international orientation, our experience and our contacts.

Bonds – secure and flexible.

Bonds or interest-bearing securities come in great numbers and in a variety of different types. If you are looking for a secure, yet flexible form of investment, you can benefit from regular interest returns and the certainty that you will get back your invested capital at maturity date.

Our Fixed Income Team offers individually customized solutions for the daily investment requirements of institutional investors across the entire range of investments, from corporate bonds to government bonds.

Thanks to a high level of professionalism, quality service and a large international network, we can provide the support you need.

Derivative-based Investment Strategies.

Exchange-traded and OTC derivatives are part of our professional concept. Our service includes the implementation of your specific trading and hedging strategies and the precise execution of your transactions.

Flexibility is extremely important to us. Our central securities settlement system enables us to address your individual needs. It runs on an adaptable, scalable and innovative platform that is characterized by a high level of performance and reliability.

Our service package:

Our service package:
  • Order management
  • Discretionary executions
  • Algorithmic trading (“VWAP”, “TWAP”, “Go-Along”, etc.)
  • Portfolio trades
  • Pre- and post-trade analysis
  • MiFID-conform executions
  • Customized portfolio concepts

We can trade on your behalf on almost every stock exchange worldwide.