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Legal information

This legal information serves to clarify access, contents, possible linking with other sites, intellectual property, technical information, downloading data such as .pdf files and other provisions regarding the website of North Channel Bank GmbH & Co. KG, Erthalstraße 1, Bonifaziusturm B, 55118 Mainz, Germany as issuing party (hereinafter also referred to as “we” or “us”).

1. Access to Website

The user of this website declares that they have the necessary knowledge and means to access and to use this website.

Access to and to is free of charge. Any costs incurring from access to, and usage of, the telecommunications network are carried by the customer according to respectively agreed upon conditions. We shall not be held liable for matters outside of our sphere of influence or for damages which could be ascribed to the user’s technical environment, such as network components, PC hardware, software or any other equipment.

Those who gain access to, or engage in, a computer system in an improper way, obstruct or disrupt the proper functioning of this system, introduce data into the system, or change the data contained therein without authorisation will be liable to prosecution.

2. Content of the Website

We strive to ensure the correctness, up-to-dateness and completeness of the information published on this website and we reserve the right to change the content or the presentation of this website at any time and without notice. Moreover, we assume no responsibility for delays, errors or omissions in the content of the website and are not to be held liable for interruptions in the availability or the settings of the website.

The information contained on this website is of a general nature and is solely intended to present us to interested Internet users.

Those who would like to make use of further service(s) and/or one or more product(s) presented on this website are required to contact us in order to obtain information about the conditions applicable to this/these product(s) and/or this/these service(s).

Furthermore, please be advised that the content presented here does not constitute specific or individual legal, accounting or tax advice or recommendations. We shall not be held liable for any decisions that are made on the basis of the information made available on this website or for the use of this information by third parties. It is the sole responsibility of every party involved to seek legal, tax or financial advice prior to entering a contractual agreement for the products and/or services offered on this website.

The content of this website has been created with due care and diligence. The information on the website can, however, be fragmentary due to necessary simplification of text; this text is non-binding. We assume no direct or indirect responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, correctness, up-to-dateness or availability of the content and information presented on this website.

Moreover, we reserve the right to change or update the information or products presented on this website at any time.

3. Hypertext and Links

The website contains hypertext and links to external websites for which we cannot, under any circumstance, be held liable.

We assume no liability whatsoever in relation to the content and possible consequences or damages arising from websites that have been accessed via this site. The user visits other websites at their own risk.

We moreover accept no responsibility for the content of any website linked on this site. This statement applies to all links contained anywhere on the homepage or subsequent pages. Should the user come across any links that lead to pages with inappropriate content or content breaching applicable law, please inform us immediately. We will remove these links from our website as soon as possible upon review.

4. Intellectual Property

All parts of the website, in particular the data, designs, graphics, photos and sound recordings are subject to copyright, trademark law, competition law and property rights of us.

The reproduction, presentation, distribution, and/or storage of the content of this website or any part of it is strictly prohibited without the explicit consent of us. Any such action represents a breach of German copyright law. The embedding of any of the information contained here on an external site is also prohibited.

The trademark of the publisher of the website, and those of its partners, as well as the logo on this website, are legally protected brands.

Some content (text, images, etc.) can, in certain cases, be the property of a respective individual. These have been used by us with permission.

5. Technical Information

Users are hereby informed that the confidentiality of any messages sent online cannot be guaranteed and that it is the responsibility of each user to take necessary measures to protect data and/or software from online viruses.

We cannot be held liable for matters beyond its sphere of influence, or for damage that can be ascribed to the user’s technical environment; this includes in particular computers, software, network components and other equipment used to maintain an internet connection or to use the services or information presented on this site.

6. PDF-Files

In order to read a pdf-file, users are required to download the most recent version of the Acrobat Reader software. Note: This software can only be downloaded from a website other than our website. On this website the user is requested to complete a personal questionnaire. Should the user not wish to disclose his/her name and address, he/she can proceed directly to step 2 to obtain the free download file.

7. Applicable Law

The content of the website and is subject to German federal law. The user agrees to the jurisdiction of the German courts for any and all disputes arising in connection with the content and the use of this website.