It all began in Berlin: From a German private bank to an international financial institution.

North Channel Bank GmbH & Co. KG was founded as the private bank Bankhaus Oswald Kruber in 1924 with its head office in Berlin.

In 2009, a North American group of investors with experience in the secondary market for US life insurance policies acquired the bank and renamed it North Channel Bank. Over the course of the following years, the bank developed into one of the leading institutions for the financing of US life insurance policies.

With the takeover of the subsidiary NorthStar Life Services, LLC (Irvine, California) in 2013, the bank obtained direct access to a reliable, experienced and renowned servicer that had been operating on behalf of investors and banks for many years. NorthStar contributes significantly to the positive performance of their investments.

Today, in addition to the financing of US life settlements, the bank also offers individual services in securities trading and structured finance.

Is your situation too “difficult”? Your problem “unsolvable”? Come and talk to us.

Our financial solutions are as individual as our clients. That’s why asking questions is our most important tool and listening is our most important skill. Thanks to years of experience, we work with our clients to develop customized, future-oriented solutions and are trailblazers for your personal success.

Take us at our word.

NorthStar – High return on investment through professional servicing.

Success in the secondary market for US life insurance policies depends upon skilled decision making and expert knowledge. This is the only way to effectively manage risk over the policies’ lifetime.

Together with our subsidiary NorthStar Life Services, LLC (Irvine, California) we offer our clients a comprehensive service package that supports a profitable investment.