Impact Investments

Impact Investments – Invest with Return on Investment and Social Responsibility

Surveys show that approx. 15 million Germans are interested in investments that pursue economic as well as ecological and social goals. Examples include investments in renewable energies, economical production etc. Studies also reveal that there is a positive correlation between “sustainable management” and higher returns on investment – also because sustainable management requires an intensive analysis of the future.

Investment – Return on Investment, Capital Commitment, Security

In addition to social impact chains, long-term changes within society must also be taken into consideration, the so-called “mega trends”, if long-term and safe investments are desired. North Channel Bank is geared to these socially relevant functional chains of such as main trends in its financing strategies, and offers investors the opportunity to participate through appropriate fund structures.

Co-Investments with North Channel Bank

A crucial element of this transfer of loans to investors through securitization is that North Channel Bank continues to bear substantial risk of the transactions. This means that the bank offers a path of co-investment on par with investors and – unlike other market participants – is not seeking an “exit”.