Mayence Fair Value Bond Fund

Focus on Sustainable Investments

North Channel Bank is entrusted with the portfolio management of the Mayence Fair Value Bond Fund (WKN A2AQZE). The fund invests primarily in European bonds whose issuers operate sustainably. These issuers take economic, ecological, and social aspects into account in their corporate strategies. The fund is named after the business location of North Channel Bank, Mainz (French: Mayence).

Sustainability as an Investment Criteria and Market-Independent Positive Performance

The Mayence Fair Value Bond Fund is managed according to the total return approach and strives for a positive performance over a 12 months period. The portfolio consists mainly of European bonds from issuers with investment grade credit ratings, which are mostly selected according to ESG criteria or at least have a positive sustainable impact. Liquid derivatives are used for tactical overlay management to manage interest rate and currency risks. Effective risk management at portfolio level is a key success factor.

Christoph Klein, a renowned expert in the segment of sustainable investments as well as founder and Managing Director of ESG Portfolio Management GmbH, is entrusted with fund consulting:

Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH acts as the capital management company of the fund, while Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG serves as the depository:

Current information on the fund can be found in the fund finder of Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft: