Mayence Fair Value Bond Fund

New Fund Concept with Unique Stock Selection Process and Integrated Early Warning System

North Channel Bank, in cooperation with its partner, the investment boutique AHP Capital Management, has set up the fixed-income fund Mayence Fair Value Bond Fund (German security identification number A2AQZE). Mayence is the French name for Mainz, where North Channel Bank is based.

Unique Stock Selection and Risk Monitoring with Moody’s CreditEdge®

The Mayence Fair Value Bond Fund is a bond fund that invests in corporate bonds worldwide. A quantitative process is applied to select from global bonds – in particular corporate bonds – whose current price is below the fair value. The calculation of the fair value of the bonds is based on a professional and recognized credit risk measurement tool, Moody’s Analytics CreditEdge®.

Existing positions in the fund are monitored continuously and systematically by an early warning system and sold when pre-defined risk thresholds are exceeded. The fund may invest in all common currencies. Yet, the main focus is on USD and EUR. The fund may also use derivative financial instruments to hedge currency, interest rate and credit risks and to generate higher income.

Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH acts as the capital management company of the fund, while Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG serves as the depository.

Current information on the fund can be found in the fund finder of Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH.