Attractive Investment Opportunities for Institutional and Private Investors

We offer our clients a comprehensive package of services that ensures profitable investments. Regardless whether you want to invest in US Life Settlements or Impact Investments, or if you as a private investor like to invest your money profitably through our partner Raisin.

Investments in US Life Settlements

“US Life Settlements” is an attractive alternative investment opportunity for professional and institutional investors. It is characterized by its low correlation with the capital markets and its excellent returns. We offer various investment opportunities in US Life Settlements.


Impact Investments

In Impact Investments, we focus not only on returns but also on long-term changes in society. Our financing strategy is also based on what is advantageous for our investors.


Time Deposits by Raisin

North Channel Bank is a partner bank of Raisin and offers private customers an opportunity to create time deposits with different terms and attractive conditions. After registering on the respective online platform, interested customers can quickly and easily access our bank’s offers..


Foreign Exchange

Currency fluctuations always imply exchange rate risks. The management and hedging of currency risks is part of the regular business of our specialists. With our comprehensive service and a broad range of offerings, we are your reliable partner when it comes to managing foreign exchange risks.


Securities Trading

We support institutional investors in the execution of their orders in stocks, bonds, and derivatives worldwide and place their subscription orders and transactions in the secondary market in the over-the-counter (OTC) bond trade using an excellent network of counterparties.


Asset Management

In asset management, we provide our professional and institutional clients with access to attractive asset classes and solid investment services. We develop customized and sophisticated concepts in portfolio management and thoroughly advise all investors about objectives and risks.


Securitizations and Investments

We structure investments in Life Settlements and Life Settlement financings in the form which is best suited to your needs, as a fund solution, bond or securitisation in your preferred jurisdiction, be it Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Ireland or Germany.


Portfolio Management

Since the beginning of 2017, North Channel Bank has been acting as a portfolio manager for outsourced asset management mandates. We have established a professional infrastructure and a high-quality network of selected specialists. For new mandates, we offer our expertise in the asset classes of stocks, bonds and various alternative investments.