Fronting Bank for Financial Intermediary Portals

North Channel Bank as a Fronting Bank in the FinTech Ecosystem

If you want to do banking business, a banking license is required. Strict regulations, however, do not make market entry easy and the founding of a bank remains a lengthy and expensive process. The provision of the infrastructure, the risk-bearing capacity and the costs of operating the bank are also thwarting many business ideas already at an early stage.

The Banking License is Your Key to Success

North Channel Bank has a full banking license and supports financial intermediary portals as a fronting bank. With our help, our partners are able to implement the license-requiring part of their business idea. We support you along the entire process chain. In so doing, we also offer bank processes in the non-licensed areas, thus enabling our partners to choose flexibly, which processes they want to make themselves and which they wish to transfer to us.