Example greenmatch AG

Achieving Goals Together by Creating Something New

The joint belief of greenmatch and North Channel Bank is that through high process efficiency and by setting standards, smaller projects in the renewable energy segment, i.e. projects in wind, water, solar and biomass become financially viable.

Digitization Creates Efficiency in the Renewables Sector

The web-based and certified financial model and the infrastructure built around it create transparency in the valuation of projects as well as time savings in the dialogue between developer, financing partner and investor.

Our ability to provide support for economically stable projects in the construction phase with equity bridge financing enables project developers to implement more and at a faster pace – and to finally offer the completed project via a digital marketplace.

Transparency through Digitization

The greenmatch standard of project validation provides transparency for investors and, for the first time, direct comparability between projects. A portfolio management based on this approach is currently being implemented.

…And Does Not Stop in Development

North Channel Bank as well as greenmatch want to further develop this idea – on the one hand to become a broader industry platform, but also with regard to the “capital market viability” of smaller projects by bundling or by intelligent use of new types of financing such as ICOs.

 What Connects Us

The vision of rethinking financing options in the renewable energies sector and continuously developing what we have achieved keeps driving us further.