Financial Partner for FinTechs

The Current Changes in the Banking Industry Pick Up Speed

Constant technological as well as regulatory changes are exerting pressure upon the business models of established banks as well as recently founded FinTechs.

Partnerships between banks and FinTechs are being tested in many places. We are convinced that they can only be successful permanently on an equal footing – but then they will be all the more successful, as they create new business models and open up new opportunities for both partners.

An Independent Evaluation of Developments is Needed

A good example of how technological change is more dynamic than regulatory change is the development of new crypto currencies, the implementation of initial coin offers (ICOs), and the use of token technology in many applications.

In this context we offer to serve as a sparring partner to question the business model and, in particular, to look at it under the changing regulatory framework as well (open APIs and the new GDPR are only two opposing factors).

What We Promise

As a result, new business opportunities and market segments can arise, because a change driven by technology or processes can trigger major regulatory effects, both negative and positive ones.

Ensuring a common – if necessary with other network partners –, trustful and open dialogue about feasible new approaches and subsequently implement them together in the long term – that is our promise.