Banking Services for FinTechs and Innovative Online Service Providers

Enabling Financial Services with Modern, Innovative Technologies

Our Banking Services for FinTechs and Other Innovative Online Service Providers

Traditional banking services are shifting more and more towards retail markets, thus becoming part of the offer of companies that interact directly with the consumer. The creativity of FinTechs also contributes to make this transfer possible, be it as transaction support in Internet trade or as a customer loyalty theme in the form of loyalty cards. Current regulatory developments will even accelerate this trend.

Market Advantages through Quick Decisions and Flexibility

North Channel Bank is ready to serve as a cooperation partner to these new market participants. As a full-service provider, we have access to the national and international payment networks and can offer card solutions with our MasterCard® and VISA® licenses. We offer interested cooperation partners the entire product range of the bank as an outsourcing solution.

Thanks to our quick decision-making processes and the flexibility of a small bank, we are able to ensure a decisive market advantage in terms of implementation time for our cooperation partners.