Intelligent Banking Hub:

New Ideas Require New Solutions

Creating Something New Together
The idea of the Intelligent Banking Hub is to invite FinTechs to discuss new ways of banking with us, to develop digital banking products based on blockchain technology and to create sustainable products and new business models. We see a differentiated view in the field of “crypto currencies” as well as in the setting up of ICOs. In this regard, we adhere to an open-minded approach, whilst being interested in business models that create value integrated into the real economy. As a niche bank with a focus on business customers, we are at home in the B2B sector, but are also interested in B2C solutions.

Clear Distribution of Roles at Eye Level
As a regulated financial institution, we can act as a fronting bank while FinTechs contribute their development ideas. In this way, each partner works independent in line with its core competencies. As a long-term partnership we can jointly create something new.

“Grow Success or Fail Fast and Cheap”
We have learned that the fast and intense discussion of ideas saves time and resources, but we are also agile enough to question the traditional ways. This combination of the old and the new (banking) worlds creates a dynamic environment… an Intelligent Banking Hub.

Financial Partner for FinTechs

As a sparring partner, we offer to question the business model of our FinTech partners and, in particular, to consider it under changing regulatory framework conditions. In so doing, we create mutual added value and develop a sustainable formula for success.


Fronting Bank for Financial Intermediary Portals

North Channel Bank holds a full banking license and offers its services as a fronting bank to financial intermediary portals. Our support enables FinTechs and other innovative online service providers to implement the license requiring part of their business idea.


Banking Services for FinTechs

As a cooperation partner and full-service provider, North Channel Bank offers new market participants a comprehensive range of banking services. Quick decision making and the flexibility of our bank create a decisive market advantage for the implementation of your business idea.



North Channel Bank offers Banking Services for FinTechs and as your financial partner develops sustainable solutions for your success. Here you will find customer references in the areas of Digital Banking, FinTechs and Growths Financing.


Intelligent Banking Hub