Structured Finance

Tailor-Made Solutions for Mid-Sized Transactions

Whether financing a wind farm or accompanying the dynamic market growth of a start-up company – structured finance provides assistance in the implementation, as it not only secures funds but also defines long-term partnerships with a clear assignment of roles and risks. A significant aspect is the feasibility of a project, a growth strategy in itself, so that modelling the cash flows of the transaction is an essential element of structured finance.

Structured Financings Start with Listening

To make the right structuring decision and find the appropriate parties involved, we focus on a precise analysis and detailed understanding of the underlying business idea, the business model.

Based on dialogue and analysis, it can be determined whether it will be a more classical growth financing, a project financing, or an acquisition financing. It quickly becomes clear whether the use of capital market instruments (e.g. bonds, promissory notes) makes sense or whether a classic syndication among banks for this structured financing would be faster and more effective.

Financing and Consulting Go Hand in Hand

In many cases, our discussions with the entrepreneurs generate new impulses that affect future business strategies and positioning.