Renewable Energies – Suitable Financing Solutions for Mid-Size Companies

North Channel Bank has focused on equity interim financing for renewable energy projects (wind and solar parks, hydropower projects and biomass plants and related storage and distribution solutions) as there are still insufficient banking offers in the market – especially in the medium and smaller project segments.

Equity Interim Financing – The Connecting Link of the Transaction

By representing the connecting link between the project developer and the future investor, we enable a targeted and quick implementation of the project. Depending on project size, project status, segment and region, we propose feasible transaction structures and commit potential investors at an early stage in order to enable a smooth transfer of the project after completion.

Platform Approach

In this regard, North Channel Bank considers itself as an implementation platform and works on a par with a variety of professional market participants. These include, in particular, the Swiss green[::]match AG, a digital marketplace with an integrated financial model, and AHP Capital Management GmbH in Frankfurt, which is our network partner in the establishment and alignment of fund structures.