Impact Finance – Feasibility Meets Social Responsibility

For North Channel Bank, Impact Finance does not only mean market-based feasibility and interest at the market rates but also to question which socially relevant issues are taken into account with this financing. These range from the support of sustainable energy generation and distribution, resource optimization and innovative production, and waste concepts (“cradle-to-cradle”), from regional district development, to digital business models for resource management.

A Bridge Between Financing and Sustainable Investment

Impact Finance as the Basis for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (Source: United Nations)

As part of this perspective, we closely follow the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, a well-established standard for sustainable investments. In our transactions, we pay close attention to both sides – the financing as well as potential investors.

Reliability and Value Orientation

This sustainable – i.e. forward-looking and long-term – perspective of our actions connects us with our customers, who, mostly being entrepreneurs, expect from their financial partner high reliability and distinct value orientation.