Growth Financing

In Dialogue with the Entrepreneur

Growth financing is diversified by nature, as external and internal growth strategies have an impact on the financing structure, as do new technologies and digital business models.

Whether we offer acquisition financing, build in some traditional corporate financing and/or involve investors at equity or debt level via capital market products depends on many factors. The intensive dialogue at the beginning between us and the entrepreneur is crucial.

Growth Financing – The Mutual View to the Future

The exchange of information about what has already been achieved is decisive, as well as the long-term market momentum and the technological challenges and changes that will drive growth. From this exchange, an understanding of both opportunities and risks arises.

Building on this intensive dialogue, it quickly becomes clear what our role in growth financing might be and whether and which partners we still need. In many cases, we take on the role of an interim financer, providing the initial financing, which is later replaced by capital market products.

The Overall Concept of the Growth Strategy Always in Focus

This early consideration of capital market instruments is particularly important when technologies can be scaled up quickly to create interesting leasing models or when contract portfolios can be built up quickly using SaaS solutions.

We consider ourselves as a solution provider as well as a long-term financial partner/consultant.