Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance in the Context of Strategy Implementation

North Channel Bank also provides businesses with “classical” financial products, ranging from loans, to capital goods interim financing, and acquisitions financing. It is essential for us to understand the business model and the future strategic options of our customer, as this is the only approach to ensure a financing structure that meets the requirements.

About Companies and Entrepreneurs

We strive to make a difference with our financing solutions and enable growth and innovation, which is why we are interested in the “story behind the financing”. Particularly in the mid-sized enterprise segment, this often encompasses the transformation of the old business with the help of digitization into a new, future-oriented model with different perspectives but also challenges. As a banking partner, we support this transformation in close dialogue with the entrepreneur, so that the corporate financing becomes entrepreneurial financing.

Reliability & Commitment

In order to ensure a fast and goal-oriented dialogue on an equal footing, the framework-conditions for such a financing are agreed at an early stage, enabling us to focus on our implementation with our customer early on. We thus create reliability and commitment in the process which enables our customers to devise their plans.