US Life Settlement - Consulting & Advice

Asset Class with Great Market Potential

North Channel Bank

We are happy to advise you on all matters related to optimizing the financing of your portfolio or the investment opportunities in this asset class.

In cooperation with our affiliate NorthStar Life Services, we are able to offer you a comprehensive consulting service.

Services Provided by NorthStar Life Services, LLC

Legal Review

Verification of the chain of title as well as the insurable interest at origination.

Medical Underwriting

Review of medical records and life expectancy reports for inconsistencies / contradictions, possible misstatements/fraud and material changes to avoid  bad investments.

Policy Review

Identify acquisition risks by evaluating policy data accuracy, fraud exceptions, avocation exclusions, amendments, health statements, and maturity extension provisions.

Tracking Validation

Reduce tracking issues by verifying the insured person’s date of birth, Social Security Number, and contact information (possibly obsolete data) on the basis of existing data.

Premium Analysis and Optimization

Perform grace testing to ensure that a policy has not lapsed and/or been reinstated, which would recommence the applicable contestability period.

Determine the current premium position and optimize the future premium payments.

NorthStar Life Services LLC will guide you through your life settlement investments every step of the way.