Financial Concierge Service

Independence as the Basis of Our Services

We combine the mandate and the definition of our client’s objectives with our independent market view. In so doing, through our networks in the major industries, we offer a complementary dialogue right from the first stage of the deal sourcing. In this context, independent means for us to identify and name all risks precisely and subsequently take a joint look with our clients for risk-solving solutions.

Coordination of All Other Transaction Advisors

Concierge Service also means to us to support our client in the requirements-based selection and the coordination of other consultants (lawyers, accountants, etc.), so that our mandate offers both a streamlined but also complete and transparent decision-making process. This approach significantly increases the implementation speed of any transaction.

M&A consulting and the offer of acquisition financing by our house complement the range of services.

Holistic Approach of the Entire Process Chain

Quality arises from reflection and coordination of the overall process with a result-oriented approach. Attention to detail, experience in timing and the enthusiasm for the transaction pave the way for success.