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As an independent specialist bank, privately owned since 1924, we provide future-oriented and intelligent lending and capital market solutions as well as advisory services in the segments of US Life Settlements, equity investments, structured finance and digital banking services.

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New Approaches in Asset Class US Life Settlements

Mainz | February 18, 2019

Investors’ interest in US Life Settlements has increased significantly in recent years, especially internationally. North Channel Bank offers investors the opportunity to invest in a customer loan portfolio or in the bank’s own policy portfolio as a co-investor without any particular risk.

Finanztest: North Channel Bank Among Top 25 in Time Deposits

Mainz | February 8, 2019

In a recent test conducted by Finanztest (consumer finance magazine) regarding time deposits and overnight money, North Channel Bank is among the 25 best providers for time deposits. The bank’s offers on the WeltSparen platform are directed at depositors who wish to secure interest rates for a longer term.

North Channel Bank Helps Customer Change Ownership Structure to Pave the Way for New US Life Settlement Investment Strategy

Mainz | December 18, 2018

North Channel Bank serves its customers as a partner in various situations. It recently helped a customer change its ownership structure to pave the way for a new long-term US Life Settlement investment strategy and put asset management on a scalable basis.

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